Modeling: Tech Category

In this section, you will find a best practice Tech Category model to upload to your workspace.


The Tech Category is used to group IT Components into different categories of technology. This could be e.g. a Database, an Operating System, or a Server Software. The Tech Category model is relatively stable over time and independent of specific industries.

Whether you are in the banking sector, insurance, automotive, or logistics, our generic Tech Category is the perfect starting point. In the Poster below, we have included tips and best practices on how to get started with Tech Category to create a complete overview of your technology landscape.

See a preview of the poster here:


Download the poster in a high resolution following the link below:

Best Practice to Define Tech Category

Pre-filled Best Practice Import

Uploading this standard model to your workspace will enable you to set up an IT Component Landscape quickly and get into use cases like Standards Management or Technology Obsolescence Management.



You can get and download a pre-filled Excel spreadsheet that includes the Business Capabilities from the poster above here.

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