Modeling: Objectives and Transformation Items (or Projects)


Important Information

This page is a modeling guideline for Meta Model v3. Updated guidelines for Meta Model v4 is available in the documentation.

Meta Model

Objective Fact Sheets allow for high-level definition and progress tracking of transformation initiatives and can be linked to Business Capabilities. Define Objectives to improve the business:

  • Allows high-level progress tracking
  • Identifies critical business capabilities
  • Enables org. wide transparency

Transformation Item or Projects Fact Sheets, on the other hand, are used to plot detailed actions for achieving an Objective and as a way to model changes upon every other Fact Sheet in the wider LeanIX Meta-Model. Create detailed plans to achieve Objectives:

  • Define a hight level transformation for those plans and project changes
  • Out-of-the-box Transformation Items consist of three hierarchies: Plan, Building Block, Epic and Project


Define your objectives and link them to your business capabilities for a holistic view.
Define Objectives to improve the business:

  1. Allows high-level progress tracking
  2. Identifies critical business capabilities
  3. Enables organization-wide transparency


Create Projects to achieve Objectives

  1. Captures the project portfolio
  2. Visualises affected elements of the IT landscape
  3. Defines transformations within the projects
  4. Specifies the detailed impacts on the IT landscape

Business Transformation Management (BTM) Logic

LeanIX offers a best practice structure to quickly kick-start transformation initiatives:

ProjectionJump to any past or future state of your IT landscape and understand how your impacts change it
MilestonesDefine target dates within or across projects at which transformations will be completed
TransformationsDefine high-level changes on your landscape as groups of pre-defined & customized impacts
ImpactsDefine detailed architectural changes a project has on your IT landscape to be executed upon completion

Example: Cloud migration with BTM

To achieve this, the EA will work with respective Business Leaders to


map affected Business Capabilities to the Objectives


define plans to achieve Objective


model impacts on affected Applications


visualize plan based on multiple dimensions (e.g. time, cost, context)


decide, execute plan and track progress of Objective