Collaborating in LeanIX

One of the most challenging tasks for Enterprise Architects is to keep data well-maintained. To address this challenge, LeanIX provides a powerful collaboration approach that is easy to use, puts value generation in focus, and involves bringing in stakeholders that know the required data best.

Obtain a Quick Overview of Changes

Collaboration with colleagues on your Enterprise Architecture has never been easier. Within LeanIX Pathfinder, the Home section provides an overview of the most recent changes for Fact Sheets you might be interested in. You obtain an overview of:


Relevant Fact Sheets you are subscribed to


Overview on the business criticality of all Applications


Overview on the 100 latest updates in the inventory


To-Dos for you

How to Leave a Comment

Another LeanIX feature which supports collaboration is the Comments tab, which is available on all Fact Sheets. When you leave a comment on a Fact Sheet, the responsible (i.e. subscribed) person will be notified of your comment. This allows you to propose updates or questions without directly changing the Fact Sheet.

How to subscribe to a Fact Sheet

You can subscribe to or follow a Fact Sheet in the subscription section of each Fact Sheet. Subscriptions are available on all LeanIX Fact Sheets.

You can enter an email address or name to subscribe yourself or another LeanIX user to a Fact Sheet. Available roles are Responsible, Accountable or Observer.

  • Responsible: the subscribed user actively participates in the content creation of the Fact Sheet
  • Observer: the subscribed user stays informed of any changes
  • Accountable: 'Accountable' can be added as an optional role in the administration settings. Only one 'Accountable' can be subscribed to a Fact Sheet.

Every user with the user rights of an Admin or Member can add subscriptions. Additional roles can be selected depending on the organizational context, e.g. it might be useful to add a dedicated Application Owner role for applications.

If the to-be subscribed person is not registered in LeanIX, they can simply be invited by + New Person. Please note that invitations are bound to the user level (viewers can invite other viewers, members can invite members and viewers, admins can invite all three defined roles):

When searching for your own Fact Sheets or those of another Subscriber/responsible person, you can use Subscriptions as a filter option in the Inventory. Another intuitive way to do this is to pre-filter the inventory. You can select to view only Fact Sheets you are subscribed to (e.g. in case you do not want to search for your name in the Subscriptions section):

You can also see all the Fact Sheets, you are subscribed to, on your LeanIX Dashboard under "Fact Sheets you are subscribed to".



Since strong collaboration within LeanIX is key to up-to-date EA, we will constantly enhance this section with tips on how you can use LeanIX for this purpose.