Diagrams.net Export

Export your diagrams as draw.io compatible XML file

Exporting the diagram to XML (in a diagrams.net compatible format)

LeanIX diagrams can be exported to an XML file and these files are in a compatible format for draw.io (probably better known for diagrams.net).


Menu entry to export your diagram to XML

Steps to take:

  1. Navigate to your diagram
  2. Use the overflow menu (the one with three vertical dots)
  3. Choose Export
  4. Choose "diagrams.net XML File"

Your browser will download an XML file with the name of the diagram.


Example of an XML file for a diagram

Open diagrams.net and insert the XML file

Steps to take:

  1. Now open diagrams.net in your favourite browser.
  2. Click on start and open the actual editor (you might need to decide on a way to save your diagram etc.)
  3. Drag and drop the XML file onto the canvas - your diagram will be available in diagrams.net editor.