LeanIX EAM Modules

LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) comprises three product modules supporting different Enterprise Architecture domains and use cases. The base module, Application Portfolio Management (APM), comes with capabilities and integrations to build an application repository and drive the uses of Application Portfolio Assessment and Rationalization.

Technology Risk Management (TRM) and Business Transformation Management (BTM) are optional modules focussing on subsequent use cases after establishing an application repository in LeanIX EAM. This overview summarizes the supported core use cases, relevant key features, and out-of-the-box integrations to adjacent tools:

Application Portfolio Management (APM)

The LeanIX Application Portfolio Management (APM) module builds the foundation to better understand and manage your organization’s application portfolio. It enables users to collaboratively create a comprehensive inventory of applications, explore their dependencies, analyze their business and technical fit, and make informed decisions about which applications to retire, replace, or invest in.

These APM modules' capabilities and features help manage the as-is IT landscape, assess the application portfolio, and rationalize redundant applications:

  • One productive workspace with unlimited users and single sign-on (SSO)
  • Inventory of Fact Sheets and Excel data import
  • Virtual workspaces for user-based access control on Fact Sheets (requires SSO)
  • Fact Sheet configuration
  • Surveys
  • Automatic SaaS Discovery
  • Dashboards, Reports, Diagrams
  • Configurable KPIs on workspace data
  • Tags, Quality Seal, To-Dos
  • No-code, rule-based Automation to trigger actions
  • Portals to provide Inventory content to a broad audience
  • Catalogs of SaaS Applications, Business Capabilities, and Tech Categories (based on the TBM taxonomy)
  • Integrations to Apptio, Atlassian Confluence and Jira (cloud), Lucidchart, SAP Signavio, and OData included
  • APIs (build-in Integration API to automated bulk import and export), REST API, GraphQL API

Read more about what you can do with LeanIX APM on our use case pages:

Technology Risk Management (TRM)

The LeanIX Technology Risk Management (TRM) module equips you with some smart features and integrations that will help you manage your organization’s risks, technology standards, technology roadmaps and compliance faster & better:

  • Integration to ServiceNow to discover IT components automatically and manage Applications and lifecycles in LeanIX
    • Synced to ServiceNow allowing real-time mapping between Application Fact Sheet in leanIX and used software/hardware in ServiceNow
  • Access to Lifecycle Catalog to retrieve software and hardware lifecycles
  • Three additional Technology Obsolescence Views: Mitigated risk, missing data, and unaddressed risk percentages
  • Dedicated Obsolescence Risk Management dashboard

The key use case supported by TRM is Obsolescence Risk Management.

Business Transformation Management (BTM)

While LeanIX APM offers you key features to identify and manage your as-is IT landscape, the Business Transformation Management (BTM) brings your work with LeanIX EAM to the next level allowing the planning of to-be architecture and execution of your planned modernization roadmaps by following new features

  • Pre-defined transformation templates to model each change in your application portfolio in a standardized way to improve the efficiency of IT transformation planning
  • Transformation roadmaps to visualize roadmaps and understand major milestones of your transformation to keep track of your modernization and ensure IT transformation is on time and in scope
  • Transformation impact reports to see the effects of future changes on a detailed level and understand dependencies between people, data, and infrastructure to improve your customer and employee experience
  • To-be architecture view to know how and when your initiatives will impact the as-is architecture to enable investment decisions with better context beyond just time & cost

All those capabilities are enhanced by adding Milestones, Transformations, and Impacts to your LeanIX workspace which basically allows you to see projections of your landscape using a Time Slider.

Read more about the BTM features in our user guide on Deep Dive: Business Transformation Management (BTM)


Activate TRM and BTM modules

The LeanIX Technology Risk Management (TRM) and Business Transformation Management (BTM) are paid modules you could include in your LeanIX EAM workspace. If they are not already included in your contract, you can reach out to the Customer Success Manager, who would guide you on adding the modules to the contract and activating it for you through your Account Executive.