Maintain your Tags


This section gives you an overview of your tag groups.

  1. Open the Admin Section
  2. Click in the left bar at Tagging

On this page, you can create a new tag group and also edit an existing tag group.

Add New Tag Group

  1. To create a new tag group, click on the button New Tag Group
  2. Fill in the information required in the form

    You can set which Fact Sheet type the tag group will apply. Set this in the Fact Sheet Type section. In the Mode section, you can set whether you can apply single or multiple tags from the tag group into a Fact Sheet.

To get further information about tagging, read Use Tags for more powerful insights.

Add Tags to the Tag Group

  1. Choose the Tag group you want to add new tags
  2. Click on the New Tag button, and add the tag name

Edit Tags

Editing Tags includes changing the name, color, and adding a description. You can also define the mode of the Tags.

  1. Choose the Tags you want to edit by clicking on them.
  2. Make the changes accordingly


Best Practice

To stay focused you should come up with a predefined set of tags that foster your use-cases and views that can not be displayed via the defined set of workspace attributes.

Edit Tag Group

  1. From the Tagging page, choose the Tag group you want to edit by clicking on it. In this example, Cloud Transformation.
  2. Edit the Tag group information accordingly.