Business Capability Catalog


Business Capabilities bridge the gap between IT and Business by grouping Applications according to their capabilities and business value. LeanIX has several best practices recommendations for Business Capability Maps, customized by the industry. The Business Capability Catalog, as part of the Reference Catalogs, is the LeanIX solution to enable you to easily adopt these best practice maps into your workspace and customize them to your organization.

Importing a Business Capability Map

To get started in setting up an EA Practice, it is important to set up your Business Capability Map. You can choose from a range of LeanIX-recommended Business Capability Maps.

You can choose from one of the 6 different Business Capability Maps and import them into your workspace from the Admin section of LeanIX Enterprise Architecture workspace. You can view all the different Business Capability hierarchies and import them into your workspace in one go or iteratively.

This can be done in the Admin section under Reference Catalogs > Business Capability Catalog > Select Business Capability Map from the options > Import. This loads all the different hierarchies of Business Capabilities, as determined by the LeanIX Best Practices.

You can then select the relevant Business Capability hierarchies and import them to the workspace by clicking on the Import button on the top right. The Import action imports any non-existent Business Capabilities (along with their full hierarchy) and/or links existing Business Capability Fact Sheets with the same name to relevant entries in the Business Capability Catalog.

The Import brings in the descriptions of the Business Capability Fact Sheets as well and overwrites any existing values in the Fact Sheet.