LeanIX AI Assistant (Beta Program)

With LeanIX AI Assistant, LeanIX applies the power of generative AI to enterprise architecture data. By automating tedious documentation tasks, accelerating data usage, and speeding up research, LeanIX AI Assistant transforms the way organizations interact with information. Leveraging a large language model, LeanIX AI Assistant unlocks tangible benefits that help businesses gain a competitive edge.

The initial use cases for generative AI in enterprise architecture are already intriguing, but we are only scratching the surface. In a beta program, LeanIX AI Assistant allows admins to explore the power of large language models flexibly and securely.

The LeanIX AI Assistant beta comes with predefined requests that can be applied to the EA inventory, while admins can make custom requests on their EA data. LeanIX AI Assistant is powered by a dedicated GPT-3.5-turbo language model hosted on Microsoft Azure, ensuring the security and confidentiality of enterprise architecture data.



LeanIX AI Assistant leverages Microsoft’s Azure Open AI Service with Azure’s security and enterprise promise. The used large language models aren't retrained with data from LeanIX workspaces. See the Azure documentation for further details on data privacy and security.

The closed beta started in May 2023, and LeanIX customers can subscribe to the beta program through the respective item on our public roadmap.

How does the LeanIX AI Assistant work?

When granted access to the beta, administrator users can access it via the AI Assistant button on the top of the inventory list.

This video shows how to query predefined requests and leverage the results in LeanIX Enterprise Architecture workspaces.


How to get access to the beta program and where to find the feature:

Q: Who can join the LeanIX AI Assistant beta program?

A: Only existing LeanIX customers are entitled to join the beta program.

Q: How can I join the beta program?

A: To sign up, leave a note on the roadmap item about how important this feature is to you, tell us why and fill in your email address.

Q: How many LeanIX customers will get access to the beta program?

A: All existing LeanIX customers are invited to join the program.

Q: How will I know if I got granted access to the beta program?

A: You will receive an email welcoming you to the beta program. The email will include instructions on how to access the AI Assistant in your workspace and where to find further information.

Q: Who will get access to the beta program?

A: Adminitrator users of selected LeanIX customers who left feedback on the roadmap item.

Q: Where can I find the LeanIX AI Assistant in my workspace?

A: Only administrator users (no 'Members' or 'Viewers') can access it via a dedicated button on the top of the inventory list.

Q: If I have multiple workspaces, which of them get the feature?

A: All of your LeanIX Enterprise Architecture workspaces that belong to your main LeanIX contract.

How can I opt out of the beta program / deactivate the LeanIX AI Assistant?

A: Reply to to initial welcome email and let us know why it’s no longer of you interest to participate in the beta program. Or ask your customer success manager to deactivate the LeanIX AI Assistant for your workspaces.

How to use the AI Assistant and provide feedback:

Q: What does LeanIX want me to do during the beta program?

A: First, to actively use the AI Assistant, learn about it’s current capabilities and identify not yet supported use cases and missing capabilities that are of high interest to you and your organization. Second, to share your experience, suggestions and unlocked use cases and benefits with LeanIX as feedback notes on the roadmap item.

Q: How can I refine results from initial requests?

A: By adjusting the pre-defined or your own request to make it more specific and sending it again. For example, "Create description of 2 sentences without using abbriviations".

Q: How can I change the language of results?

A: By stating the language you're looking for the result in the request. For example, "Create description of 2 sentences in French with link to French website".

Q: Are there API endpoints available to call the AI Assistant?

A: No, the AI Assistant can't be called via our API endpoint during the beta. Wether we will provide API endpoints will be considered when feature matures.

Q: How can I provide feedback on my LeanIX AI Assistant use cases and experiences?

A: As notes on the bottom of the roadmap item, which you also used to sign up.

Questions on the language model, security, and privacy:

Q: Which AI service is LeanIX AI Assistant based on?

A: LeanIX AI Assistant leverages Microsoft’s Azure Open AI Service with the security and enterprise promise of Azure. See Microsoft’s Azure Open AI Service website for details.

Q: Which language model does LeanIX AI Assistant use?

A: The GPT-3.5-turbo language model of Microsoft's Azure Open AI Service.

Q: Where is the language model hosted / data processed?

A: We currently utilize The Azure Open AI Service hosted on our EU Azure instance. Therefore, data from request to the LeanIX AI Assistant is processed in Europe. It’s our plan to extend the service to other regions (e.g., US).

Q: Does LeanIX AI Assistant use a dedicated language model for each LeanIX customer?

A: No, LeanIX AI Assistant leverages Microsoft's Azure Open AI Service with the same model for all LeanIX customers.

Q: Can I use a different language model or my own Azure OpenAI Service?

A: No, during the beta the LeanIX AI Assistant only leverages the GPT-3.5-turbo language model of Microsoft's Azure Open AI Service.

Q: Which data is processed by the Microsoft Azure OpenAI service?

A: There are two categories of data that is processed:

  • Request: The natural language request that is queried in the prompt (e.g., "Create description of 2 sentences and a URL to the website"). The request and the Fact Sheet type that has been seleted is the only data LeanIX stores during the beta phase to analyze usage patterns to evolve the feature.
  • Context: Only data from the selected Fact Sheet(s) details page, e.g., their Fact Sheet type, display name, description, fields and their values (business criticality, functional fit, etc.), relations to other Fact Sheets. Subscriptions, comments, to-dos, and resources of Fact Sheets are currently not included in the context. This data is processed to create the response but not being stored.

No personally identifiable information (PII) data (e.g., name or email address of users) is currently sent to the Azure OpenAI service.

Q: Does anyone outside of LeanIX has access to the processed data?

A: No. No explicit access is granted to any thirdparty (incl. Microsoft Azure personnel).

Q: Is any of my workspace data used to train the AI/language model?

A: No. The used large language models aren't retrained with data from your workspace.

Q: Does LeanIX or Microsoft Azure OpenAI send my workspace data to OpenAI?

A: No. Microsoft hosts the OpenAI models within its Azure infrastructure, and all workspace data sent as context to Azure OpenAI remains within the Azure OpenAI service.

Q: Which data from my LeanIX AI Assistant usage does LeanIX store?

A: During this beta, LeanIX only stores the request queries and which FactSheet type they've been searched for. The query context with workspace data is not stored. Analyzing the request queries helps us evolve the AI Assistant into a feature for public availability.

Q: Where can I find more information on the used AI Service?

A: On the website of Microsoft’s Azure Open AI Service.

Questions on the general availability of the LeanIX AI Assistant

Q: Will the LeanIX AI Assistant be available in all LeanIX Enterprise Architecture workspaces after the beta? Will there be additional costs for the feature?

A: The pricing and availability of the feature in the produt-based and former edition-based pricing is in evaluation during this beta phase.

Q: When will the LeanIX AI Assistant be available?

A: The release time and scope of this feature will be influenced by your feedback during this beta pahse. Therefore, the release time is not yet defined. We will provide updates on our roadmap.

General questions:

Q: Who can I contact in case of questions?

A: Please send in questions and feedback to our product team on the AI Assistant's capabilities on the roadmap item. Your customer success manager is also available

Q: With whom can I discuss ideas on general usage of generative AI in enterprise architecture?

A: LeanIX Community with dedicated topic area coming soon

Q: What are the plans to introduce the AI Assistant into LeanIX Enterprise Architecture after the beta phase?

A: There's a first item on our roadmap for making the AI Assitant available on the Fact Sheet details page. Further roadmap items inspired by your feedback will follow.