LeanIX VSM - Open Source Software Risk Extension

To allow the VSM / LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Integration to map the Open Source Software Risk into your LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Application, you need to have the following fields on your Application Fact Sheet type. The integration will provision them automatically on each run in case there are missing. Of course you can adjust them to your needs, either by using the Meta Model Configuration or through Customer Support.

  • OSS Risk Level (vsmOpenSourceSoftwareRiskLevel)
    SINGLE_SELECT field with values unknown, low, medium, high, and set to readonly
  • OSS Risk Details (vsmOpenSourceSoftwareRiskDetails)
    ´Text´ field, and set to readonly
  • OSS Risk Status (vsmOpenSourceSoftwareRiskStatus)
    SINGLE_SELECT field with values riskAccepted, riskAddressed
  • OSS Risk Comment (vsmOpenSourceSoftwareRiskComment)
    ´Text´ field