Milestones and roadmapping

Management of milestones on Projects (and Transformation Items)


Milestone for BTM aims to help you create visual reference points to break a project down into manageable chunks and easily track major events and pending decisions. Milestones signal to everyone involved what the overall ‘lifecycle’ of a project looks like and what needs to be achieved along the way.

  • Milestones can be created, edited, deleted, and referenced in other dates fields (lifecycle and completion date of a transformation) of any Project or Transformation Item Fact Sheet type
  • Milestones are available along the parent-child hierarchy so child Fact Sheets can refer to milestones of parent Fact Sheets
  • They are visible in reports containing a timeline as well as in the side pane of the roadmap report


Activation is available in a self-opt way in the "Optional Features & Early Access" entry in the Admin menu.
This means the admin has to initiate the activation from the workspace itself without the intervention of a third party, such as the CSM or support.

  1. In the admin menu, go to the “Optional features and Early access” section. From the list, identify "Milestones", and click on activate.
  2. A new modal opens, which explains the features. By clicking on “activate”, milestones are immediately available in the workspace.
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Milestones management

Milestones can be managed in two Fact Sheet types, either the Transformation Items or Projects, this will depend on what Fact Sheet type you have active in BTM.

They work like any other section of the Fact Sheet details, it is possible to add new ones, edit and of course, eliminate milestones for each initiative.


Milestones in Reports

Roadmap report

All milestones are visible in the roadmap report, every time the Project (or Transformation Item) is the main Fact Sheet or is present as a drill-down.

On hover, a tooltip is displayed showing some more context for the icon, like name and target date.


When exporting the report, and in order not to lose important data such as milestone names, you can activate the setting “show all labels”


Timeline reports

All reports with a timeline, i.e., Landscape, Matrix and Portfolio now display milestone icons if they exist in Projects or Transformation Items.


Dependencies of milestones in lifecycle

Manage the dependency of certain projects with milestones from the same or other projects, so that any change in the date of the milestone is automatically reflected in all the phases where it has been referenced.

The option in the lifecycle is only available for those Factsheets where it is possible to create milestones, meaning Projects and Transformation Items.
Click on the calendar icon to switch between the options absolute date or milestones (same behavior in the completion date for a transformation)


Recognize when a milestone is referenced in a lifecycle phase by the blue diamond icon, and hover to get more context.


Is also possible to edit milestones in the inventory


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