New Diagrams Editor

LeanIX is introducing a next generation editor into its product. The editor is based on the capabilities of the editor from, but the diagrams are stored in a LeanIX workspace and integrated for the users' convenience into the inventory functionality.

LeanIX' EAM product was built on the premise of being the single source of truth for Enterprise Architecture Management bringing transparency to all contributors and thereby democratizing the knowledge in modern organisations.
The ability to graphically visualise landscapes or smaller parts of it with a dedicated focus on specific topics, such as network architecture, business domains, etc., is an integral part of the work of Enterprise Architects.

With the introduction of the Next Generation Diagrams Editor based on established technology, LeanIX brings state-of-the-ard visual modeling to all LeanIX users to democratize the ability to draw relevant visualisations of the Enterprise Architecture.

Next Generation Diagrams Editor - Next Generation Features

With the Next Generation Diagrams Editor, users will unlock many new features that weren't available in our legacy editor. Here are some highlights:

  • Arrange, distribute and align (left/right/top/bottom)
  • Significant update of shapes to the shape library
  • Better colour picker and colour management
  • Import and Export functionality (finally a Visio integration, just drag'n' drop your Visio file into the new editor!)
  • Drag'n'drop images into your diagram



The Next Generation diagrams editor supports images that may not exceed the file size of 1MB.

Include Fact Sheets into your diagrams

In order to include Fact Sheets from the Inventory into your diagrams, perform the following steps:

  1. Click on "+" icon in the tool bar. (alternatively, you can also "right-click" anywhere on the canvas and choose "Insert from Inventory")
  1. On the Filter Component choose Fact Sheets either individually by using the check box to the left and then click "Insert selected" or choose a filter and then click "Insert all"

You will receive a rectangular composition of the selected Fact Sheets and all of them are selected, so you can easily adjust their styling, position, alignment etc.


As of 24th of May, Relations aren't available yet

For the next-generation diagrams editor, we are following an incremental release strategy, meaning, that we will make features available as soon as possible, but sometimes, this doesn't deliver the whole workflow to users yet. We are aware, that Fact Sheets in diagrams without relations are not delivering the full value and we are working on delivering these in the next step.

Functionality not yet available in next-generation diagrams editor:

  • Making use of relations in diagrams
  • Updates to Fact Sheet labels, e.g. if the name of a Fact Sheet changes, it isn't reflected yet in the diagram.

How to get to the next generation diagrams editor

Login to your workspace and follow the following steps:

  1. Change the area to "Diagrams" (top navigation bar)
  2. Click on "+ New Diagram"
  1. On the full screen modal to "Choose a diagram type" select "Free Draw (Beta)"
  1. Use the next generation diagrams editor.

Release Plan for the Next Generation Diagrams Editor

As of beginning of March admins will find a new feature available in 'Administration > Advanced Settings > Optional Features & Early Access': 'Next Generation Diagram Editor'.

After enabling that, users will have an additional option to create a diagram: "Next Generation Free Draw (Beta)" which will be available along the existing options of "Free Draw", "Data Flow" and "Lucidchart".

New diagrams created with the "Next Generation Free Draw (Beta)" option will be only editable in the new editor - at a later point in time. We will also enable the next generation diagrams editor for existing diagrams of time free draw and data flow.


Next Generation Editor in BETA

This is a preview into the future diagramming capabilities. As of beginning of March the editor has more powerful diagramming capabilities but is essentially lacking all connections to the Inventory, so including Fact Sheets or opening them out of the view mode of a diagram will not be available. The same holds true for filtering, applying views, creating Fact Sheets or relations from Canvas, the updates functionality or the data flow functionality as a whole.

As soon as the Next Generation Editor has all the same features as the legacy editor, including the inventory functionality, it will become the default editor when creating and editing diagrams. The legacy editor will remain until feature parity has been achieved. No migration of diagrams will be necessary.

Now, Next and Later

We are working right now on

  • Adding in Fact Sheets and Relations from the Inventory
    • Add FS based on a Filter
    • Drill-Down, Roll-Up or show dependencies
    • Update labels and colours

Next we will be working on

  • Putting a unified view mode in place, so legacy diagrams and new diagrams have the same view mode, also allowing users of the preview to choose which editor to use on their new / legacy diagrams
    • Applying views
    • Filtering a diagram

Later we will focus on

  • Making the data flow work in the new editor
  • Adding in niche features like interface aggregation
  • Getting updates right to not only remove non-existing FS and relations, but also adding in FS and Relations based on an inventory filter
  • Templates, i.e., when showing a Fact Sheet, using a shape (e.g. based on Archimate) specific to the Fact Sheet type

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