SAP Cloud ALM Integration

SAP Cloud ALM integration with LeanIX enables seamless import and synchronization of projects, ensuring real-time updates and maintaining consistent project data across both platforms.




LeanIX Architecture and Road Map Planning product is required for this integration.

The SAP Cloud ALM integration provides a seamless connection between SAP Cloud ALM and LeanIX, enabling efficient management and synchronization of projects across both platforms. It enables you to import projects from SAP Cloud ALM into LeanIX as fact sheets and export initiatives from LeanIX to SAP Cloud ALM. It streamlines the workflow for those who use SAP Cloud ALM by allowing them to continue with enterprise architecture initiatives in LeanIX.



SAP Cloud ALM is an application lifecycle management offering for cloud-centric customers. It is included in cloud subscriptions containing SAP Enterprise Support. To learn more, see SAP Cloud ALM.

You can either create new fact sheets in LeanIX or link existing initiative fact sheets while importing the projects from SAP Cloud ALM. The following data is written onto the fact sheet:

  • Project status: On track / Needs Attention / Critical
  • Project completion in %
  • Lifecycle:
    • The Active phase is set to the earliest date specified in the timeboxes in SAP Cloud ALM.
    • The End of life phase is set to the latest date specified in the timeboxes in SAP Cloud ALM.
  • Milestones

Benefits of SAP Cloud ALM Integration

  • Initiatives and projects are imported with minimal effort without the need for manual duplication.
  • The integration ensures that all project-related activities and updates are reflected consistently in LeanIX.
  • Linked fact sheets are continuously synced, ensuring real-time updates in LeanIX.
  • Reduces administrative overhead, minimizes the risk of data discrepancies, and improves efficiency.
  • Brings clear visibility into the detailed progress of project execution from SAP Cloud ALM within LeanIX

Detailed Guides

SAP Cloud ALM Integration involves these aspects: