Transformations Explorer

The Transformations Explorer gives an overview of all transformations in the workspace.

This feature enables you to search by name, sort, filter, edit, delete, and execute Transformations within the Transformations Explorer.

In the Transformations Explorer, you can sort the Transformations by:

  • Project or Transformation Item Fact Sheet on which the transformations are defined
  • Name
  • Execution status
  • Completion date
  • Time of creation
  • Time of last update

Transformations can also be filtered by:

  • Execution status
  • Type of the Transformation
  • Completion Date (point in time or time range)
  • Creator of the Transformation
  • Last Updater of the Transformation

The Transformations Explorer can be accessed by clicking the “Transformations Explorer“ link in the right-hand panel of the Inventory when filtering for a Fact Sheet type.

Filters from the Inventory will be used in the Transformation Explorer to show the Transformations which are defined on the filtered Project or Transformation Item Fact Sheets.

If another Fact Sheet filters the Inventory, type the Explorer shows only Transformations which affect the filtered Fact Sheets.