Semantic Search in Portals


Semantic Search

Semantic search denotes search with meaning, as distinguished from lexical search where the search engine looks for literal matches of the query words or variants of them, without understanding the overall meaning of the query, see e.g.

In Portals users are able to search for a pre-defined set of Fact Sheets from a workspace. On an Applications portal for example, one can look up Applications available in the LeanIX Inventory.
While this native search is already very powerful, activating semantic search on top empowers users to find Fact Sheets that are more broadly related to their search term.


Enabling search recommendations for Portals

The search recommendations can be enabled/ disabled per Portal. For doing so, go to the Administration area, open the Self-Service Portal page and edit an existing Portal by selecting its name. Under the Search settings you can choose to toggle the activation of the setting called Include search recommendations as seen below.


Data usage
Additionally, in order for recommendations to be calculated for a workspace an opt-in to processing derived data is required. For the process please refer to the Advanced Features built with Derived Data documentation.