Transition guidelines

The redesign of the BTM module brought many improvements that users running the previous version can use.
This page explains the distinctions and how to transition to the new standard.

What data changes have occurred?

Fact Sheet Meta-Model differences

The old concept introduced a new type of Fact Sheet that would replace Projects, called Transformation Item.


For Business Capabilities, a new subsection was introduced


The fields mentioned above are not part of the new standard for Project or Business Capabilities, i.e. if a new customer would benefit from these fields (i.e. Business Maturity), you may configure them.

Reports differences

2000 1992 1994


Impacts are now replaced by transformations, transformations guide you in planning your initiatives, without the need to know the Meta-Model in depth.



Roll back Transformation Item

This is NOT necessary, all the new functionalities are compatible with Transformation Items. But it's possible to go back to Projects. However, we do not recommend it, as Investment and Cost reports will not longer be supported.
In case you still decide to use Projects as a base, please contact support for the configuration task.

If you still want to migrate, we recommend this mapping for the lifecycle phases.


Upgrading from the old concept

Admins of a Workspace based on Transformation Items (the Fact Sheet type that was introduced in the old concept) can now upgrade to the new Standard in BTM. Simply go to the configuration of BTM: Transformation and milestones, and initiate the upgrade with the in-app support converter.


The data transition section consists of 2 steps:

:one: Lifecycle upgrade: Transformation items were using not only lifecycles but also timing (duration, timescale, and relative start date). Now, by simply adding a specific date in the "in implementation" phase of the lifecycle of all your plans, the tool will calculate the start and end date of all your projects and replace the old timing section to only use the lifecycle from now on. This will also deprecate the old roadmap.

:two: Move impact groups: Once the first step is done, will be possible to move all your current impact groups to our new transformations logic. Every not executed impact group will be mapped to a "custom transformation". All executed impacts will not be moved as they are already part of your current Inventory.


:tada: Congratulations! Now you can leverage the new BTM and make us of the new logic of transformations and milestones