Intune setup (Admin)


With Microsoft Intune mobile app management without enrolment (MAM-WE), organizations can add LeanIX to a set of trusted apps to ensure that sensitive business data stays secure on unmanaged personal mobile devices. This allows admins to manage LeanIX access and security for members without taking full control of employees’ devices. Before setting up LeanIX EAM for Intune, keep the following in mind:

  • All members must have a Microsoft Intune account with the proper Microsoft Intune license assigned.

  • All members must belong to a security group targeted by an app protection policy that targets the LeanIX app before registering their app.

  • Azure Active Directory (AD) accounts are not required to use Intune; however, you'll need someone with Azure AD admin access as well as Intune admin access to configure the proper permissions.



The LeanIX EAM for Intune mobile application also supports mobile device management (MDM) solutions via Intune for customers who are interested in managing enrolled devices.

Important Note

For Android

Your organization’s users and the IT Admins need to have the Company Portal App installed on their mobile devices for the “LeanIX EAM for Intune” app to work. This is a requirement from Intune side. Without this, user authentication will not work in the application.

The users also need to be logged in to the Company Portal App.

For iOS

It is recommended to have the Company Portal application preinstalled on the mobile device. In its absence, user authentication will happen through the web.

Setup Guidance

This documentation consists of the following setup guidance: